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"To error is human, to really screw things up requires a computer"
By someone from the 70's

Research data for presidential votes

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What is in the Secret Ballot QRcode?

We have tens of thousands of QRcodes and ballot images!

We have request from all across the country to display the content of the Secret Ballot QRcode.

OK, email to us a photo of your Secret Ballot QRcode and we'll display a hex dump of your QRcode.
Email to:

Make sure to draw the curtain in your private voting booth. Select your votes and print the ballot. Check your ballot for the selections you made and simply use your smart phone to snap a photo of only the QRcode. Nobody should be able to see what you are going in the privacy of the voting booth! Do not show anyone your phone at any time. Place your phone in a coat pocket out of sight. Email to your photo of the Secret Ballot QRcode. We'll send by return email a hex dump of your QRcode. If you wish not to email then go to and upload your Secret Ballot QRcode photo. We'll display the hex dump on screen.

Thank You for all you do
Dwayne Rowland

Georgia cast ballot image request

"What say you juror number 4?"

I heard all the testimony and saw all the evidence.
We deliberated the case.
The judge ask "what say you juror number 4".

"We had a fair, secret and secure deliberation. We all chose a foreman and wrote G for guilty or N for not guilty on a slip of paper. Handed them all to the foreman and he didn't even show them to anyone. We all were hoping it would not be what it was! Yes your Honor, it was a fair verdict. Most secure I have ever seen."

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